Large 36x Telescope Phone Lens with Tripod

Telescope phone lens is a brand new, high-quality optical 36X telescope zoom lens with a tiny tripod and remote shutter that will suit all of your photography demands. The telescope phone lenses increase the focal length. It’s most commonly used to depict distant objects with accurate perspective and a level of fine detail previously only possible with close-range photography.

A telescope phone lens not only magnifies the size of your main subject in the frame, but Its lenses also bring the foreground and background elements closer together. Alternatively, it combines the foreground and backdrop. You can maintain a greater distance between yourself and your subject, which is especially beneficial when photographing wildlife. You can shoot faraway objects without having to shift your body. There are a few characteristics of our product. It allows you to “draw in” and fill the frame with faraway subjects.

Background blur is easy to achieve with a shallow depth of field with our telescope phone lenses. A narrow field of view makes it simple to keep undesired background components out of the shot. The characteristic of the perspective compression effect brings items closer together. This telescope phone lens also has a balanced tripod that can be used as a selfie stick. After the lens has been fitted, we may place the phone on the strong adjustable tripod.

Use the tripod as a little selfie stick as well. Fully multi-coated FMC for HD images, made with innovative Lanthanide Optical Glass. Fits most smartphones, including the iPhone X, 8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus, 6/6s/6 Plus, 5, Samsung GALAXY S6, S6 Edge, S5, LG, and nearly all others on the market.

From your boyfriend to your parents, the lens package is ideal. It fits in your pocket and is simple to set up, carry, and store, making it ideal for parties, music festivals, camping, hiking, traveling, and bird watching, among other activities. It has a magnification of 36X. 36X telescope phone lenses are adjustable. The current version of the 36X high-power phone telescope phone lenses. (Note: No FOV modification) is a fixed lens. This is adjustable for the objective, not only to modify the focus of the lens by spinning the focus ring to bring those in focus but also to adjust the focus of the lens by rotating the focus ring to bring those in focus.

It may also be used as a monocular telescope to convert long-distance scenes into clear images without any dark. It has a moon observing telescopic lens with a Magnification of More Than 8000M. The 36x telescope phone lenses bring 8000M distant subjects closer to your phone, allowing you to take close-ups and long-range shots without sacrificing image quality. It can also be used as a standalone telescopic lens to assist you in viewing distant objects, making it ideal for camping, sporting events, moon observing, bird watching, fishing, hiking, golf, concerts, and travel.

There are a few techniques to make better use of these telescope phone lenses. You can make the background appear closer with the help of our telescope phone lenses. This is known as the perspective compression effect, and it gets stronger as the focal length gets longer. To make the main focus stand out, blur the backdrop and frame the image.

A telescope phone lens has a small field of view and the ability to quickly create background blur can be used to make your background appear simpler and less distracting, allowing your main subject to stand out even more. Changing the background colors and brightness can drastically alter the look and feel of your photo. Even if you can’t physically get closer to a subject, telescope phone lenses are great for shooting huge closeups.

When you need to photograph subjects from a distance, a telescope phone lens comes in handy. Animals in a zoo or even flowers in a flower bed are examples. Telescope phone lenses are great for making a street scene look more crowded by compressing distances between parts. Essentially, the Telescope phone lenses aid in the capture of images of objects that are further away without the use of digital trickery to generate a zoom. The greater optical zoom a lens has, the better the photographs it can take from a distance will be.

It has High-Definition images, full Colors, No Dark Corners, and Photographs of people, pets, travel vistas, landscapes, architecture, selfies, and more in spectacular detail. Unlike cheaper lenses, there are no dark corners (igniting). For durability and clarity, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and quality optical glass. Ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other abnormalities are reduced using multi-element, coated glass lenses. Mirrorless camera lenses are great for both hobbyists and professionals. The material of the telescope is Metal, Glass with universal compatibility.

It has the field of view (FoV) to the extent of 5.3. It has a length of 19.9 cm and in inches, it is 7.83. Its construction is based on 6 Elements 4 Groups. The interface of the telescope phone lenses is M17xP0.75. With a universal detachable clamp and phone tripod, the 36X telescope phone lens is fitted with a screw fixing system that allows you to adjust and fix the lens clip to the thickness of your phone, ensuring that no scratches are left on your phone.

Telescope photo lenses give you comfortable view enjoyment and easy carrying wherever you go, due to their 36X magnification, compact construction, superb resolution, and lack of vignetting. Because of the EVA rubber on the lens clip, the installation, the removal, and the storage are all simple. There is a zip case provided with it. It is universally Compatible. It lists all of the devices that are compatible with each other. This phone lens set is compatible with the majority of popular smartphone and tablet models, including the iPhone XR, XS Max, X, 8, 7, 6S, 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S8, S7, S7 edge, iPad, HTC, Sony, LG G6, G5, and others. The package we are providing you with includes 1 x Lens which is of great quality we assured you, 1 x Clip, 1 x Bag, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1 x Tripod which is optional.

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