Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro/ Type C cable

Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro/ Type C cables come as a solution to your breaking cables. You might be facing issues with your charging cables. The quality of cables is being degraded day by day. Even if you buy a high-quality cable, it breaks after just a few months. Now, what will you do in this situation? Well, in this case, Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro/ Type C cables play the role of a life saviour.

Nowadays different types of magnetic USB fast charging cables are available in the market. You might be confused while buying a type C cable for yourself. How can you choose the best Type C cable for you? How can you find a high-quality magnetic USB charging cable? In this article, we are going to provide you with buying tips that you should follow while buying a type C cable for you. In the end, we will introduce you to the best company that is producing top-quality Type C cable. Read the article carefully.

Review checking

Whenever you decide to buy a Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro/ Type C cable, check the reviews. Try to select a company that contains honest reviews. Check how many people had already bought this. This will lead you to buy a perfect product. If you have made up your mind to buy type C cable, give a chance to phone shop accessories.

Check device capacity

Check the capacity of your device with the type C cable. Keep in mind the requirement of your device. If your device requires a 3amp current, try to buy a cable that provides an output of 3 amperes. If you buy a type C cable that has high output than your device, it can cause severe damage to your device. Therefore you need to choose always to buy a cable that best fits your device’s requirements.

Check your android phone’s compatibility

You shouldn’t waste your money on a useless product. Always invest in the products that are according to your choice. Since the type C cables provide fast charging to your android, you should always check your phone’s compatibility for the particular cable.

Material of the Type C cable

If you go for buying any product what factors do you consider? I’m sure one of the qualities that you count on is the material of your product. Same in the case of shopping for Type C cable. You shouldn’t buy this product without considering the material of the product. Your Type C cable should be made up of a stronger material.
The more the upper layer of coating is strong, the stronger is our cable. The inner of the cable is fragile wires. They should be of good quality. Usually, the outer layer of Type C cable is made up of two materials.

PVC material

The PVC coating is not much strong. It is usually a smooth and soft surface. It can attract you but remember it is not so strong. Therefore you should consider the other option.

Braided material

It is a strong material and provides the cable full strength. It prevents any damage to the inner wires of the cable. Consider the cables that have an outer coating of braided material.

Length of the cable

We have talked about the material of the type c cable. Now an important feature that you should consider while buying one for you is the length of the cable. Which length is suitable for you? Do you want a short lengthened cable or along? Well, all of us want a cable with which we can charge our phone sitting on a cosy sofa or couch. So we prefer long cables. The magnetic USB fast charging micro/ type C cables come usually in 4 lengths. The lengths are given below. Select the one that you want for yourself.

Half meter
1 m
2 m
3 m

You should buy one with a length of 3 meters if you like to use your phone on the sofa.

Check the specifications

While buying a magnetic USB fast charging micro/ type C cable, check its specifications. It means that you should check whether it is compatible with your device or not. You cannot choose any type of C cable for your device. Some type C cables can be harmful to your device.

Check the USB plug

You should also check the USB plug. Try to buy a Type C cable that has a USB plug made up of single metal. Avoid the plugs that are stamped. You shouldn’t choose a folded connector.

Prefer a certified cable

Give a special preference to USB cables. Choose the magnetic USBs that have certified cables. A certified cable guarantees you the best quality type C cable. Always buy a USB cable from a good and renowned brand.
Cheap cables can break after just a few months. So always invest in branded and high-quality cables.

Recommended store for magnetic USB fast charging Type C cables

If you are looking for the best magnetic USB fast charging micro/Type C cables at a reasonable price, you should visit Phone Shop Accessories. We are going to discuss all the specifications of this product along with its features.

Type C cable is available here in two lengths i.e. 1m and 2m.
The output of this cable is 5 V or 2.4 Amperes.
The plugs of this cable are dustproof
The outer coating is strong enough that it can’t break on bending. This is made up of nylon braided material.

Why you should buy Type C cable from Phone Shop Accessories?

This store offers you the guarantee of your product. There are more than 37,000 happy customers of this store. Their return policy is easy. You can purchase a cable with a risk-free guarantee.

Final words

We have discussed the buying tips of magnetic USB fast charging micro/ Type C cable. You have read them all. We have recommended the best store to buy type C cable. You can buy with full confidence and can have a happy experience.

Good luck. Have a happy shopping experience!

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