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If you are an iPhone operator, then for sure you are aware of how important it is to have a protective glass on the screen at all times. Getting the display to be fixed can be really expensive, not only for the new models but for older ones as well. That is why a protective glass for iPhone is a must in any case.

While a phone cover can obviously give a great amount of protection to the iPhone, what about the display? This is where a protective glass plays an important role. It can save the phone screen from unnecessary damage and shocks and also retain the original display as spotless as possible.

If you have bought protective glasses for your iPhone before, then you must have been in a situation where you got it a few days back, dropped the phone by mistake, and it shattered completely. That is nothing less than a shock when you immediately pick it up to check if the screen has broken beneath the protective glass or not. That will not be the issue with a 15D protective glass as it is much more durable than any protective glasses that you get from the market. They are far better in comparison and have a much longer life.

In What Way is a 15D Protective Glass Different from just any Protective Glass?

A 15D protective glass for iPhone is very different from a regular one that breaks in an instance and does not give the phone sufficient protection. It can be different in the following ways:

  • Better Protection to the Display

A 15D protective glass will offer more protection to your iPhone in case it slips from your hands or it bears any strong impact. The original display of the screen will be safe, and your phone will look like new for a long time. Apart from that, if your iPhone’s screen is fine, then when you are considering selling it to upgrade to a new model, the price you get will be much better for your old phone. That is why a 15D protective glass is worth investing in.

It will keep your phone away from any kind of uncalled-for accidents and damages, and you would not have to worry as much as in the case of a normal glass.

  • Edge to edge coverage

A 15D protective glass will offer to cover every edge of your iPhone, which a regular glass won’t. Remember when we can see the corners of many people’s phones getting chipped and cracked that happens because the edges or the corners of a phone are the most exposed to hard surfaces around.

A 15D protective glass covers your iPhone’s screen from every edge so that there is no scope for any kind of damager, and you get to keep a clean and new phone with you for a long time. If the edges of your iPhone are safe, then you would not even have to worry about dust or water damage as that is where most of the unwanted things get in from.

  • Value for Money

It is better to invest in a 15D protective glass at once than to keep on investing in new ones all over again as they break very easily. Apart from that, at such a minor cost, your phone screen is going to be safe and protected for a long time, so you don’t have to spend huge amounts on getting it fixed either.

Neglecting to get a good quality glass once can result in you paying huge amounts if the phone gets damaged. For instance, debris can get inside the broken phone screen and damage the speakers and battery, or the water can also massively affect the battery of the phone. So, it is better to invest in a good quality 15D protective glass for your iPhone in the first place only.

  • Better Life than Regular Protective Glass

A 15D protective glass has a longer lifespan than the regular ones. As discussed earlier, a 15D glass is not needed to be replaced as frequently as the regular ones because it is way more tough and secure. As a part of that, you also do not need to be worried about the display breaking every time the phone falls down from your hands.

The normal ones, on the other hand, can break in the blink of an eye if your phone goes through a slight shock from falling or hitting something as well. Therefore, these need to be changed quite frequently so they can add up a loss of expenses over a period of time.

  • Sleek and Smart Design

A 15D protective glass is much better looking in comparison to other protective glasses and does not degrade the overall looks of your iPhone. Imagine you got the latest model of iPhone, and it’s all shiny when you take it out from the box; the next thought you have is of getting a phone cover and a protective glass. But after getting a regular protective glass for iPhone, the entire look and show of the new phone dim. This is sure to happen because the regular protective glasses are pretty rough and do not cover all the edges of an iPhone. A 15D protective glass, on the other hand, will look shiny and high quality and also cover all the edges of your phone, giving it an elegant look. This makes a good impression on anyone holding a phone in public.

This will not dull the shine of a new phone and will look very sleek and smart on it.

Buy Your A 15D protective glass Now!!

Do not waste your time thinking about whether to buy the 15D protective glass or not. It is simply worth it, and you won’t regret your decision. We at XYZ company have the best-in-class 15D protective glasses that cover every edge of an iPhone, so you can be carefree while using your phone indoors or outdoors.

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