Wireless Touch Control Bluetooth Speaker

You’ve probably been in the situation where you’ve maxed the volume on your phone or PC speakers, and instead of getting the sound quality you need, everything sounds like a whisper. Although devices are getting smarter, built-in speakers still lack the intensity necessary to carry volume across a room.

And while there are times when playing directly from your phone or PC speakers will do the trick, having Bluetooth speakers is always the better option. These wireless devices have become quite popular because they enable you to seamlessly share what’s on any Bluetooth-enabled device with others. Additionally, they have enough power to easily carry sound across a room in a way your tablet, phone, or laptop would never be able to.

But, not all Bluetooth speakers carry the same power. If you’ve bought a Bluetooth speaker before, you know the sound can be muddy, and the connection is often less than stellar. That’s not an issue with the wireless touch control Bluetooth speaker.

What Makes This Wireless Touch Control Bluetooth Speaker Different

The wireless touch control Bluetooth speaker is the speaker you’re searching for. It improves on the features of many speakers available on the market and is the first all-rounder speaker. This wireless touch speaker is sleek enough to use in the office but packs enough punch to make it the perfect speaker for a party. Besides being versatile, there are many other ways this speaker stands out among other speakers on the market.

Sleek One-of-a-Kind Design

The speaker deviates from the overtly juvenile and sometimes dated design of many speakers on the market today to offer an elegant look. The combination of a touch screen interface and a compact body is what makes this speaker so sleek. It also comes in a variety of colours, besides the classic black, to suit your tastes and personality.

Perfect Touch Control and Navigation

Whether you’re connecting the speaker to your TV or broadcasting a Zoom meeting in a boardroom, this Bluetooth speaker gives you control over volume and selection without needing to use your Bluetooth paired device.
You have remote access to the audio, so you can pause, skip, increase and decrease volume all from the speaker.

Crisp Sound Quality

Many Bluetooth speakers haven’t captured the sound quality that makes listening to music so magical on old-school speakers or even headsets. Often, when you’re listening on your Bluetooth speaker, songs do not have the same oomph. Even the volume of songs can decrease, and the overall sound seems muddy and lacklustre. Thankfully, this wireless touch control Bluetooth speaker offers crisp sound through two speakers that are positioned to offer maximum volume without compromising sound quality.

Connect Through Different Mediums

This is one area where many Bluetooth speakers lack features: they only allow you to connect to the speaker through Bluetooth. While Bluetooth connectivity is what makes Bluetooth speakers convenient, it’s also great to have other options in case the device you’re connecting to runs out of battery. This wireless touch control Bluetooth speaker offers versatility because it has three different connectivity options. You can play directly from a TF card, or connect a microphone through the auxiliary 3.5 mm jack, or – of course – connect through Bluetooth.

Superior Connectivity

Listen to everything, regardless of where you choose to connect. This speaker has a Bluetooth connectivity range of 33 feet (10 meters) instead of the average 26 feet (8 meters) other speakers have. This means you can connect to the device even if you are not in the same room. It’s also great if you’re at a party because you don’t need to stay in the usual arm-length range to remain connected to the speaker.

A Portable and Functional Design

With a width of under 3 inches and a length of under 7 inches, this wireless speaker is very portable. The body is lightweight making it easier to carry around. The durable plastic exterior also means you can use this wireless touch control Bluetooth speaker in all conditions without having to worry about damage.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, there’s no better option than this world-class touch control Bluetooth speaker. It’s elevated all the features you’ve come to expect from your average Bluetooth speaker, making it your new go-to tech accessory.

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