Where Technology Will Take The Human Race

We’ve already experienced what technology can do. Because of technology we’ve been able to pivot our workplaces during times of crises, transform our social interactions so we can remain social even when we’re not together. And we’re able to live more convenient lives. This technology has become a crucial part of our daily routines.

However, for a long time, we did not know what will happen next or where technology will take us. But because of our current strides, we can predict with almost 100% accuracy what is most likely to occur in the next twenty or thirty years. Primarily because of what we’re able to accomplish with technology at the moment.

The 6 Exciting Ways Technology Will Change In The future in the future, we’ll most likely continue to walk hand-in-hand with technology. Not literally – it’s unlikely we’ll be friends with lifesize robots – but rather technology will become even more essential to our daily routines.

Accurate Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is already quite prevalent in our daily lives. We experience it when we browse the internet, watch videos, search for products or services, or look up information online. Our search results, the ads on display, and our recommendations are made possible by artificial intelligence and big data.

Yet, some think that a future where AI is more accurate and more autonomous could be devastating. The opposite is more likely the case. When AI performs better, we’ll be able to accomplish more.
For example, we’ll be able to program AI so that it is more versatile, and AI will operate with more autonomy in other daily tasks with as much accuracy as humans. This could mean completely self-driving cars, meaning our roads will be safer, and people won’t necessarily need conventional licenses to own a vehicle.

Increased Privacy
As we become familiar with technology and its effect on privacy, and as more of us take an interest in how the companies that provide leading technology use our data. In the next twenty years, more laws governing the use and distribution of private information will ensure that our data isn’t misused and that companies won’t have as much access to identifying data as they do now.

Exciting Travel Destinations
Projects like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic seem like they’re still in the distant future. However, in reality, travelling to space could be possible in the next five to ten years. While it’s unlikely that these travels will result in us adopting another planet as home, more people will likely take trips to the moon with as much frequency as they do to exotic locations like Bali.

Carbon Neutral Living
As tech progresses, the general consensus is that by 2050 we’ll be living in a primarily electronic world, requiring fewer carbon emissions to conduct everyday activities. By that time, we’ll have found sustainable and accessible ways to store and use solar – and other alternative power – reducing our reliance on coal and gas and the damaging effects coal mining and gas production have on our environment.

Powerful Contactless Technology
We are already experiencing the beginning of contactless technology. The kind of technology in operation in our chip-enabled credit and debit cards or the apps we use to communicate with other programs. Many modern cars don’t require physical keys to open.

In our homes, we can control our security systems remotely through an app and program our laundry to start at a particular time. While these aren’t as accessible to everyone, strides in technology will make these current luxuries common occurrences in many households. Much like smartphones are cheaper and more popular in modern homes, compared to when they first launched, and they were limited to people with money.

Cheaper Technology
This may sound strange, but, in the next twenty to thirty years technology will cause us to be able to reduce the cost of technology. As scientists, programmers, and engineers make discoveries and finetune existing ideas it will become cheaper to manufacture tech. Most apparent will be the tech like self-driving cars or entire smart home systems. What we consider cutting-edge today will be very common, ensuring everyone has access to tech and the possibilities made available through tech.

It’s not impossible to imagine what life will be like in ten years, considering that most of our technological advancements have occurred in the last two decades. Besides, by embracing technology we’re able to go further and achieve more.

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