Long Arm Tablet Holder

How many times do you find yourself awkwardly fidgeting with your tablet to get it to remain in the position you want? Or worse still, contorting your neck to see what’s happening on the screen. Most tablet holders only work when you’re at a desk or other table and can take up unnecessary space. When you’re not at a desk or when you want to enjoy your shows on-the-go, then what do you use? A long arm table holder would be ideal.

What’s The Difference Between A Long Arm Tablet Holder and Other Tablet Holders?

There are a variety of tablet holders on the market. The most common one attaches to your tablet like a phone cover and flips out to give you a variety of viewing and display angles. While this can be helpful, when you’re lying in bed or preoccupied so you can’t be at a desk, that setup can be a real pain.

However, a long arm tablet holder works similarly to a wall-mounted TV bracket – but a portable one – and allows you to enjoy your videos or facetime, wherever you are.

The Benefits and Uses of A Long Arm Tablet Holder
This tablet holder is possibly the most versatile of tablet holders. It can attach to a variety of surfaces – provided the clamp is horizontal – making it truly portable.

Where You Can Use Your Long Arm Tablet Holder

The Bedroom
You can attach this long arm tablet holder to your headboard or bedside table and use it as a bed tablet holder. Because the clamps can extend to nearly 3 inches, regardless of the thickness of your headboard or bedside table, it will attach successfully. This allows you to go completely hands-free and enjoy your shows or videos without having to sit upright.

The Kitchen
Watch your favourite chefs prepare their most famous recipes as you follow along. You don’t need to keep your head down to see the recipe – like you would need to with other kitchen tablet holders. Instead, with this tablet holder, you can extend it so that it’s at eye level. Simply attach it to your counter and manoeuvre it as you’d like.

The Living or Dining Room
Kick your feet up and prepare to be entertained. Now you can enjoy movies, shows, vlogs, even games when you’re using this long arm tablet holder. It is the perfect option when you want to take an afternoon nap on the sofa and don’t want to be bothered with remotes.

An Outdoor Seating Area
Attach this to a bench or outdoor table. Although most other tablet holders would not be able to connect because of the thickness of outdoor furniture, our long arm tablet holder will cope perfectly fine. Because the grip is made of rubber and extends to 2.95 inches, you can loosen it and tighten it as you’d like.

Benefits of This Tablet Holder

This tablet holder is built to withstand the weight of your phone regardless of how you choose to mount or adjust it. It has a stiff metal arm that extends into an adjustable gooseneck. The clamps that attach the tablet holder to your intended surface expand to 2.95 inches and have rubber pads to protect your surfaces and increase its grip.

You can also use this adjustable tablet holder for those Zoom classes and meetings. You can now focus on two screens and get more work done. Simply attach the long arm tablet holder to your desk and position it so that you can enjoy your class videos, Netflix shows, YouTube videos, or Zoom calls while you’re working on your PC or laptop.

You can adjust the tablet holder to suit your preferences. In fact, this tablet holder can rotate 360 degrees, which means you can use your phone in portrait or landscape mode. Besides, this tablet holder also allows you to angle your phone or tablet in 360 degrees.

Purchasing A Long Arm Tablet Holder

The long arm tablet holder is the ideal gift for a loved one – or yourself. Because most people enjoy relaxing in bed while watching their shows or want entertainment while doing household chores. You’re, therefore, guaranteed that anyone will appreciate this tablet accessory. Besides, it fits several size ranges, from a 4-inch phone to an 11-inch tablet.

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