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Meet the Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker, only from Phone Shop Accessories. A revolutionary new piece of technology in the portable music industry, our speaker combines various smart technologies and high-quality components to produce a sound experience you’ll never forget. Over the past few months, we’ve engineered and refined the design of the Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker to produce the clearest, boldest music experience with the evenest distribution of tones and volume to make your music as lucid as possible.

Firstly, our speaker is constructed from extremely high quality and carefully manufactured parts that allow the speaker to produce a bold sound that travels far and can be easily controlled. Its volume controls are very accurate and the speaker has a wide loudness range. Since the speaker is so durable, this gadget is very long-lasting and the perfect purchase if you need a device that can hold up for years and still produce great sound.

We have also designed this speaker to be stylish, small and practical. Conservative in the space it takes up, it is incredibly portable and can be taken pretty much anywhere. Want to play music while camping? It’s no problem to pack this speaker up and take it on the go with you. Not to mention that we’ve added in a fantastic battery with great power and storage capacity that can keep a long charge for weeks, so you can play music for hours, even if you forgot about this speaker for a while.

When we design a product, we like it to be as versatile and useful to the customer as possible. That’s why we added a multipurpose handle to the top of it. Since the Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker is so portable, it makes sense to be able to carry it around wherever you go with ease. This little handle makes it more than easy to do that. But the handle also doubles up as a phone stand. This means you can rest your phone on top of the speaker to create your very own mini cinema experience, with your phone Bluetooth streaming to the speaker beneath it.

To add in an extra element of convenience and protection, we made this speaker as water-resistant as possible, meaning if it gets hit by some rain it’ll be fine and still continue producing great sound. Its design is very stylish and comes in a range of colours. Our favourites are black, blue and red, and over a thousand delighted customers have bought one of our variants of our Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker.

Furthermore, the Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most technologically advanced speakers on the marketplace, with a whole host of functionality and quality components. It connects through fast, clear and high-quality Bluetooth 5.0, which allows you to immediately and seamlessly connect your phone up to the speaker and stream music directly to it, even from a distance of thirty metres – sometimes even more. Again, this makes it an undeniably fantastic choice for use on the go, or during a camping trip, for instance.

If you want to create your own mini home cinema experience, you can hook up your phone or tablet to this great speaker and stream straight to it to get the best sound experience possible! More than that, it features its own built-in microphone and compatibility to write to an SD card so you can make recordings on it between your phone.

The Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker is among the most innovative and smart Bluetooth speakers on the market, and at the astounding price of just thirty US dollars for a single speaker, it is especially cost-effective for the quality and volume of sound it produces! We recommend doubling or tripling up so you can get a surreal home cinema experience.

Phone Shop Accessories ships worldwide to more than two hundred countries and our delivery prices are extremely affordable, and our shipping rates are very fast. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction so we design and manufacture every one of our products with care and attention to detail, and the story is exactly the same for the Creative Design Bluetooth Speaker. If you want to pick up your very own Bluetooth speaker in any of our colours or variants, check out the options here!

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