Bluetooth Phone Keyboard

Typing on your phone can be tiring. Regardless of the size of your hand or the size of your phone, typing with two thumbs is uncomfortable. When you’re typing continuously, that discomfort turns to pain.

But, if you think about it, you do everything on your phone, except work. Any work you try to do on your phone you aren’t able to use because of the number of typos and grammatical errors. After all, writing on your phone isn’t practical. Well, it’s not practical unless you have a portable Bluetooth phone keyboard.

There are keyboards for your tablet, but there are hardly any keyboards for your phone. And the ones that do exist aren’t functional. Because most phone keyboards pack all the keys in a tiny space, which makes it difficult to type.

Benefits of A Bluetooth Phone Keyboard

Having a Bluetooth keyboard for your phone will dramatically increase your productivity. It will enable you to do more in less time and from any location. This is why having a Bluetooth phone keyboard is an absolute necessity. In fact, there are a number of ways you can increase your productivity using a Bluetooth keyboard for your phone.

Create and Edit Business Documents and Emails

Now you can take your work with you wherever you go. You can type comfortably with a QWERTY keyboard and include special characters with ease. You don’t need to be concerned about your keypad auto-correcting words that you don’t want to correct. And worse still, correcting it to something that isn’t intentional.

Complete Assignments and Projects

If you’re in high school or college, your phone gets more use than your PC. Because a Bluetooth phone keyboard is lighter to carry and takes up less space, you’re able to complete assignments at school, while traveling, or at home. You can even use it as a means to keep notes during lectures or classes without having to carry around a bulky laptop or tablet.

Turn Your Phone Into A Tablet/PC

Phones are now more powerful than PCs. Phones have more RAM, more storage, and better processors than PCs. They can handle more tasks without slowing down. They’re easy to control and extremely compact. However, what makes a PC such an essential element is that your phone doesn’t have an adequate keyboard.

The keypad on your phone is tedious to navigate and doesn’t respond well to prompts. Not to mention your words are constantly being autocorrected. But with a Bluetooth keyboard for phones, you’re able to forgo the keypad and type quickly and deliberately.

Faster Typing

Because this Bluetooth phone keyboard is about half the size of a PC or laptop keyboard, and only includes common functions you’d need when typing, you’ll type faster. The space between the keys also facilitates speed typing, which means you can complete more work and type as quickly as you think.

Features of The Bluetooth Keyboard for Your Phone

This portable Bluetooth phone keyboard is full of valuable features, which makes this keyboard even more of a bargain.

Doesn’t Drain Phone’s Battery

Because it’s a wireless keyboard, it does not require your phone’s power to charge. You can also switch between using your keyboard and the touch screen on your phone with ease.


Pop it into your handbag, your briefcase, or your backpack. At only 5.9” (15 cm) by 9” (23 cm), this is one of the smallest keyboards around.

Battery Power

The Bluetooth phone keyboard includes a 110mAh battery. Therefore, you can use your Bluetooth keyboard for an entire working week on one charge.

Protective Casing

The Bluetooth phone keyboard also doubles as a phone case. You can keep your phone safe from cracks or the screen shattering, especially during travel, when you may not want to carry a laptop.

Stylish Design

The keyboard and the case are color coordinated and have a faux leather exterior. Additionally, the keyboard is slim and comes in a multitude of trendy colors to suit your taste.

Phone Stand

Another neat feature of the Bluetooth phone keyboard is that it doubles as a phone stand. This means you can also watch your favorite shows, videos, or facetime friends and families.

You’ll find 101 uses for this Bluetooth keyboard. It truly is an exceptional product and a much-needed accessory for your phone.

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