Apexel Large 36X Telescope Phone Lens with Tripods

If you have a knack for photography, then an optical telescope like Apexel Large 36X bearing all the high-end technologies can give you perfect angles and perspectives. Apexel 36X large telescope comes with a tripod, as well as a remote shutter. With its zoom lens, you can enhance the quality of your recollections consumed in HD images.

How Does Apexel Large 36X Telescope Work?

Once you own Apexel Large 36X Phone Camera Telescope, all you need to do is to follow the steps which are illustrated below:

  1. You are required to position the lens of the clip in such a way that it is placed over the mobile phone’s camera. To keep it stabilized, you are required to rotate the knob or screw of the clip. Once it gets tightened, make sure that the lens of the clip aligns with the camera of the phone to avoid any sort of disturbance while taking pictures.
  2. Turn and replace the eyepiece of the telescope to eradicate any sort of dark spots and circles which may occur on the screen. With an adjusted eyepiece, you will be able to have a spotless display.
  3. After that, comes the part of the adjustment of the objective lens of the telescope so that you can capture a blur-free image. That leads to the capturing of a vivid and high-definition picture. It is how you can use Apexel 36X telescope with your phone camera.
  4. If you simply want to use it as a monocular, you can attach a cap made of rubber, and then use it to click high-quality pictures.
  5. When you want to use the functions of telephoto with tripods, you can simply attach the telescope with tripods to take clear pictures and to avoid any shaking.

What is the phenomenon used in Apexel 36X Telescope?

Apexel 36X Telescope collects the light and transmits it to the eyepiece. If the aperture of the telescope is large, the image has more brightness. With the application of long focal lengths, images can be easily magnified.

Why Do You Need Apexel 36X Telescope?

You can use this modern device to enhance your photography skills, to capture lively pictures of your special occasions or both. For concerts, hiking, sports gala, wildlife photography, travelling photography, and natural shots, you can definitely opt for this telephoto phone camera. You can make the tripod into a selfie stick to obtain classy selfies. Whether it is for a family photo or a friends’ photo, this device gives a better experience to photographers as it has a variety of applications.

Unique Features of Apexel 36X Large Telescope:

  • Flexible and Adjustable

Apexel has thirty-six times more power, being a telephoto phone camera, which is easily adjustable. Coupled with the function of dual focus, you have the option to adjust the rings of the objective lens and eyepiece lens. It can make blur and distant images clear, excluding any type of dark spots, pixelated, and shaky images. The flexibility of this telephoto mobile camera is the eligibility of focusing on distant scenes.

  • Observing Lens for 8000M Far Objects

Objects which are at the distance of 8000M can be easily seen and observed through the high-end lens of the Apexel 36X telescope. You can capture objects and models out of your range with the help of the telephoto camera lens. From the comfort of your position, you can easily sit back and capture a bird that may be sitting on a tall tree being 70 feet away from you. Without worrying about the quality of the captured shots, you can go for snapping close-ups and long-ranged snaps with ease and convenience.

  • High Definition Pictures

With the help of the Apexel 36X large telescope lens with a tripod, you can shoot pictures that are worthy enough for you to save your special moments in them. The image captured from the telescope phone camera is extraordinary in terms of clarity as it bears no drawbacks like blurred images, extra ignition on the corners,  dark spots, and circles, lens flare, pixelated images, and reflections.

  • Durability

Apexel 36X Large Telescope is very durable as the lens is made up of premium optical glass and coated with air-craft grade aluminium. It provides durability and clarity to the camera.


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